Win your business through e- Mail

Email in business can be used for intra-company communications, marketing purposes and establishing coordination with business partners, suppliers, and customers. Advantages of business email over traditional mail or telephone communications include cost reductions, lower overhead, and speed. Also, it reduces time zone barriers for businesses regardless of their location. Communicating by email is almost instantaneous, which can enhance communications by allowing the immediate transfer of information and fast response to customer inquiries. This helps in accomplishing more in less time.

Listed below are seven key elements you need to keep in mind to improve your prospecting email response rates.

1. Personalize

Customize your emails with information demonstrating you know the recipient. Not only will the reader find it easier to relate to, but it will show you’ve spent time trying to understand the prospect’s company.

2. Research

It’s indispensable to research the industry and your personas before drafting your email so that you can offer value and appeal to their concern from your first interaction as it is the foundation of writing personalized emails.

3. Visualize the Email’s Structure

Before writing your email, draft a rough structure of your email. It will form the template that you can use to create more personalized emails. Be clear about what the different sections of the email are, and what you are trying to convey in each section. This will give you immense clarity and give you a powerful foundation to customize each email.

4. Use a Unique Subject Line

The main aim of the subject line is to get people to open your email. One of the common blunders that marketing people make is to use the same subject line for every email. You should create 4-5 different subject lines depending on your audience and use them based on who you are sending emails to.

5. Get Straight to the Point

In short attention spans, emails have to get to the point and be as precise as possible. If your email does not kindle curiosity them in the first one or two seconds, you can forget about them reading past your first two lines, let alone getting a response. Focus on drafting an email that takes less than 30 seconds to read and precisely expresses how your company can uniquely solve a problem.

6. Include a Call-to-Action

It’s a trouble-free yet influential tactic to get more responses. The underlying hypothesis is that your product solves a significant problem of theirs, so make sure you don’t go straight for a request without building value.

7. Focus on Benefits

One of the fundamental principles of selling is to talk about benefits and not features. Yet, most salespeople still talk about features far too early. Make sure you focus exclusively on benefits in your cold emails.

Writing powerful emails is something doable by everybody. But careful drafting and regular understanding of your target customers are demanding and energy consuming. If you are not getting a satisfactory response rate to your cold emails, start focussing on the above principles to your next set of emails.

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