What you need to include in your LinkedIn profile to increase visibility

As soon as we pass out of the college, we come across various platforms to search for opportunities. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to hunt jobs and to build a professional network.

But only a few know the potential and the ways which can earn decent offers.

In a recently published research done by LinkedIn, it was found that compared to men, women do much little on this platform. As a result, it leads to narrow opportunities for them because they fail to upload professional skills which can sell them on the platform.

I’ve listed top five ways that can leverage LinkedIn to advocate your image and presence and allow the accomplishments to be seen:

  1. A summary of yourself: Ever wonder, why we are always asked to introduce our self at the beginning of any interview process? Yes, the few lines act as a narrative of your life; what you are looking for and what greater paths you are willing to take. The research tells that women include a very short description. So, include more.
  2. Recent experiences: In the study, we saw that men updated more senior-level experiences instead of junior-level roles. Experience matters a lot when you’re looking for a switch. Focus your recent work details and positions. Never include the whole bunch of details but don’t forget to share your project details and other stuff.
    If you’ve recently graduated, then concentrate on giving details about your co-curricular activities, workshops, seminars, and projects.
  3. Skills: The study says that women share 11% fewer skills than men which make them sink deeper in search options. So, include your skills as LinkedIn allows 50 skills to be uploaded in the profile. They act as keywords for talent acquisition and listing the skills invites endorsement which has its own benefits.
  4. Interests: You can follow other people and their updates which can enhance your knowledge. Following groups on the portal can show your interests as it opens a channel to ask questions, land new clients and offers, helps to keep up with news and trends.
  5. Recommendations: You can ask for recommendations and also the 360-degree feedback by peers or managers helps. This feature advocates you and raises your value.
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