Ever imagined travelling across the world with nothing but the goodwill of twitter as your main source? An eye opener of an idea right?!


In which he shares his real life experience makes this vision come true. Paul smith with the help of 11,000 followers and rules such as having to spend money only on food, drink and anything that fits in his suitcase and many more not only proves his story to be a great travel piece but also manages to convince us about the unbelievable power and reach of social media. The man who travelled the world by twitter shows us how this new technology platform can catch everyone’s imagination.

As we read this story we thought why not share this with you and enlighten you with some social media magic. He could accept travel and accommodation offers only through twitter and no other means and if he failed to manage any further contact within 48 hours he would have to pack his bags and end the challenge right there. With such unbelievable rules Paul shows us that the art of reaching out to people through this medium is never ending and is bigger than one can imagine. Here we not only reach out to people and make them aware of our presence but we also tend to establish a certain amount of trust and belief which is exactly what worked for the author.

The Twitchhiker project by Paul Smith proves to be the right example of optimism and sociability of Twitter. It is too exciting to learn that one man could travel the world only through a modern word of mouth, explore, involve in adventures such as a ferry ride to a rock in the Southern ocean also for free, manage to party with Liv Tyler and even manage to raise almost 5000 pounds for charity. All this while his project kick started as early as 10 days into his marriage. Mind blowing isn’t it! How the announcement of a small project on social media could become so viral and actually transform into such a success story! It is brilliant how people connect immensely through this medium and this 30 day attempt to travel to the other side of the world by Paul Smith definitely shows how people could go out of their way to help each other and spread the message. Surviving severe weather conditions, accommodation difficulties such as an incident where Paul was trying to get rid of the cockroaches that had invaded his face in a hostel in New Zealand and more such crisis management, the author did make it till the end and one year later published the book, Twitchhiker. Paul Smith was also awarded the ‘Shorty Award’ which is a celebration of people who have done something unique and different with Twitter. He definitely deserved this one as he hitchhiked around the world with nothing more than just one click on the internet. Paul Smith was a former radio producer and presenter who resides in Newcastle. The project which was a life changing lesson for Paul could prove to be one for us too! Filled with uncertainty, trust, adventure, surprises and mostly magic of words, this one stands out. You could follow him on twitter (@twitchhiker) and also read his blog at to find out more about his crazy idea meeting reality and his many other travel adventures

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