Top 4 signs that you are an Indian at heart

A nation’s culture resides in the heart and in the soul of its people – Mahatma Gandhi

Miss home??? Well, here’s a little something for the all the homesick desis out there. We have compiled a list of all things we Indians just can’t do without. Read on to find out more

1. That extra punch in every morsel

A dash of garlic, a bit of coriander and of course, the chili! It would be extremely hard to find Indian food without at least one (or all) of these. Flavorsome food with the regular chai – need we say more?

2. Cheering for the Men in Blue

Be it any match at any time – we just can’t resist from being glued to the TV every time our boys are on the cricket field. From crying out loud for a wicket, dancing around for boundaries to shouting ourselves hoarse after a win, we have done it all.

3. Street smart

An expert at bargaining, we always ensure that we get the best deals possible. Shopping is never complete without the routine haggling with the shopkeepers and the autowalas!! And of-course, who can beat us at driving?? The golden mantra is “Don’t get hit and don’t hit anyone” – and it is indeed true when people say that if you can drive in India you can drive anywhere.

4. IST

It’s when we say we’ll be there in 2 minutes, but will actually reach in 15 minutes! Where the answer for “Where are you?” is always “Just 5 minutes!!” We follow our own time system – the Indian Stretchable Time

What are you waiting for?! Let us know what you think makes people Indian at heart!

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