Top 3 Diwali ads that lit up the screen

Time to light up our houses with diyas, gorge on sweets and of course – burst crackers (yay!)

For our blog this festive season, we have compiled ads that we feel have captured the spirit of Diwali the best. Read on to find out.

  1. Big Bazaar

This advertisement takes us back to our school days, when we would make paper poppers and scare our classmates with the loud noise. The Big Bazaar ad portrays how the paper poppers can be used instead of firecrackers to get the same effect – Noise!

What we really liked about this ad was the fact that the brand emphasized a no-crackers Diwali in a simple and understandable way with their engaging video content and hashtags – #PaperPatakha and #ShubhShuruaat.

  1. Surf Excel

Surf Excel’s take on Diwali and how it should be shared with everyone is truly heart-warming and a beautiful ad. We liked how this video shows how children can spread the Diwali spirit to anyone – even the dhobi wala. Their hashtag also ties the whole ad together – #AbLagRahiDiwali

  1. Asus

The Asus advertisement depicts a very realistic story of the parents going out for a Diwali party leaving their teenage daughter to take care of her grandma. But of course, all the daughter wants to do is spend time on her phone when suddenly she realizes how sad her grandma is. Then she calls her parents and asks them to come home to celebrate Dadi’s Diwali, which further reinforced the spirit of togetherness during Diwali.

That’s it for the best Diwali ads. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!!

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