Tips to protect the Social Media Accounts of your Business

Social media are an excellent networking and communication platform, playing a major role in the brand building of your business. Keeping your social media account details secure should stay in the top of your checklist. The odds of your social media accounts being compromised are higher than you think.

A breach in your social media account can be very damaging to your public relations. There are chances for your financial data and sensitive company information getting leaked leaving your business in distress.

Below are some tips to keep the social media accounts of your business safe:

Keep your passwords random & change often:
Do not use a generic password or something that can be easily found, such as your company name or year of founding. Also, avoid using the same password for all of the social media accounts of your business even if you found it easy to remember. Modify the passwords often, especially after an employee who had access to the social media accounts leaves the company.

Limit access to social accounts:
Access to your social media accounts should be limited only to those people who absolutely need it. Use a social media management tool if multiple people need access. It provides added protection to your business accounts. When giving employees and contractors access to your social tools, make sure you give them only the level of access necessary to perform their job.

Review sites privacy settings:
Privacy settings of social media accounts tend to change often without prior announcement, so be sure you check them often. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have pages that offer specific guidelines for maintaining security and privacy on their sites which are updated as their privacy settings change.

Get notified of suspicious activity:
Ensure you have a system in place to alert you of any suspicious activity on the social media accounts of your business so you can monitor them and keep your accounts away from hacking.
If your account gets hacked, take control back immediately. If the password has been changed, fill a support request to the platform thus they will shut down your account.

There are many bad people out there. Do not wait till you watch the movie Blackhat to know that. Stay safe and don’t forget to keep your accounts secure.

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