The importance of video on your landing page

People have been glued to TV screens for almost a century and now videos on the web are in vogue engaging the audience and influencing them. Due to change in the way content is consumed, videos placed on the landing pages are seemed to get relatively higher results than texts.

Video on landing page increases the length of time people spend on your page as people prefer watching to reading. It gets you enough time to tell the audience your brand message. Also, when you feature yourself or company employees in the video, it increases your audience’s trust in your business.

The message conveyed by your video is what going to influence the buying behaviour of your audience. Videos are likely to get more engagement than regular texts. For demoing a product online, record the screencast first and then overlay the audio. This will make your video look more professional.

Below are a few ways that make your video effective when placed on the landing page:

Engaging Thumbnail: When you add an attractive thumbnail to your video, it will increase your audience interest. An intriguing thumbnail is what going to draw the audience attention to your story.

Autoplay or Press play: Different techniques work for different audience. Some find autoplay to be annoying while some prefer to watch the videos when played automatically. So decide on which approach to use and which will aid in increasing the conversion rates.

Add a call to action (CTA): CTA can be added at strategic times throughout the video or can be presented at the end of the video. Make the video more appealing that entices the audience to click the CTA button.

Understand your audience: Know your audience preferences and try short or long videos based on the analysis. Some may need a detailed description while others can be fitted into a 30 seconds category.

Have your script ready: Write the script before recording your video. It helps in the smooth flow of the video.
Content reuse: Add the video made for your landing page to YouTube and optimize it for SEO. It might help you in getting more engagements.

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