The Importance of Influencer Marketing

Would you rather prefer the dress suggested by your mom or the one your favourite star or social media personality wore in their social media post? Obviously, the latter, making us realize the importance of Influencer Marketing and how it impacts the lives of youths today.

People moved away from traditional media long ago and started spending more time on social media giving social media personalities a chance to influence the consumer’s buying behaviour.

As brands noticed the fame gained by the social media personalities, they started making use of their reputation for their brand endorsements and to market their products. These social media stars have built their fan base through regular, direct communication with their followers, which now the brands are taking full advantage of, to get more leads to their business.

The social media influencers serve as the thought leaders driving customer engagement and setting trends among their audience, thus making them the best fit for brands to partner with for sponsored content.

Personal branding and building authenticity are the two major factors making brands to go for social media influencers for endorsing their business. These influencers can easily break through the noise of traditional advertising and spread the message of a brand to the intended audience in a more natural and authentic way. It is because they come across their audience as more genuine and can deliver brand messages in ways that advertisers can’t.

Benefits gained by businesses from Influencer Marketing are:

● When brands are endorsed by a social media influencer, it reaches the real audience thus bringing brands a higher Return on Investment.
● The safe way to market a product is to get it advertised through the trusted people and these social media stars are the best option.
● Influencer marketing is the best option for businesses to reap the advantages of being well-known and to have an authority over the buying behaviour of consumers.
● As social media influencers are early adopters of fashion, they act as a trendsetter in their niche which the businesses can make use of build their brands.

Building a brand is important but how it is done is where the key to success of brands resides. Influencer Marketing acts as one such key factor for a successful brand building.

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