Strike! No Fear

India, I assume is the only country that has the highest number of strikes, movements, agitations, issues that catches the fancy of anyone and everyone. We are truly a democratic country I should state. Anyone who is upset with anything in life can stop a bus, train, flight, block roads, cripple the economy without the least bother for anyone except himself.

Take for example, last year’s Jallikattu in Chennai which paralyzed the whole state for weeks together. This year, same time, it was the bus strike (lasted for 8 days) and next year it may be some other “burning” issue that fancies the mindset of the public.

A few years back, I had the unfortunate chance of landing up in a remote town in North Kerala and exiting the railway station, I get to know there is no mode of transportation thanks to a flash strike! I had to walk all the way to the hotel a few kilometers away and till 6 pm remained hungry (yes, they refused to send a car to pick me up and restaurants had downed their shutters, citing the same reason) and that was one unforgettable experience.

I now travel with a lighter luggage and extra snacks in case there is a flash strike in Kerala.

Anyways, am not getting into the political drama that weaves its spidery web in this article of mine but, I write to say, Ho…. Hum! One more strike…fear not. Stay at home and work.  Why suffer!


Incidentally, this applies to the corporate world and not the emergency services and essential services including our BPO/KPO etc that will truly cripple the country forget the economy.

Ten years back, India was dependent on desktops, dial-up modems and STD booths with mobile penetration hardly worth its salt. Today, mobile has reached the hinterlands, data is cheaper, desktops are passed and STD booths are dead.

So, if there is a strike, be it road, rail or flight, does not matter. I do a Michael Jackson dance, wear boxers and a grubby old t-shirt and start working from home. So, use your laptop, wifi or your mobile hotspot and your boss is as happy as a shiny plum.

Also, working from home saves air pollution, lessens fuel cost, air-conditioners, lessens road rage and traffic jams and what not.

We at Stop Press encourage our employees to work from home at least twice a month and this strike resulted in no problem for us nor for our clients.

So, make hay while the sun shines and yes, strikes are not the way forward. It is old thinking and does not gauge well for the economy nor for the investors who look at India favorably.

Finally, I wonder why the same strikers do not fight for more valued services like better living, a healthy environment, good affordable hospitals and much more that will make India a truly lovable place in this earth.

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