True, a celebrity can do wonders for a product especially because they give the brand the instant personality and appeal that it is after. While using a celebrity can sky rocket your initial sales, if it can be sustained over a longer period of time still remains the question. There are certain dos and don’ts that go along with picking the ‘face’ of your brand; here are some of them:

The celebrity of choice must be someone is synonymous with the imageand qualities the brand has to offer. Both the celebrity and the brand must grow in synergy, and if at any point the two do not go hand in hand it is time to seek out a new brand ambassadorPersonalities are an easy way out, especially while promoting a product in a sector that doesn’t call for much innovation. For example, if a cosmetic brand were to use a celebrity then it is a direct promotion of the brand, whereas take the recent Samsung launch with Kangna Ranaut and Manish Malhotra and things get more interesting.

Sure using two of fashion’s biggest icons add the much needed’ edgy’and ‘trendy’ tags to the brand but what will help sustain sales is the design, user happiness and originality as far as the product goes. So what exactly is the role of a celebrity here? HYPE! Within hours of the launch, the event and the celebrities became trending topics on Twitter and comparisons between Kangna’s outfit and the phone’s design quickly followed up.

On the flip side there can be negatives on solely banking on a celebrity. There is the chance of the celebrity becoming bigger than the brand (think Sharukh Khan promoting Lux soap) or the celebrity not really embodying the qualities of the product or the brand. Although experts say that while such mistakes do not necessarily ‘damage’ the reputation of a brand, it can easily account for huge losses in terms of the money used to acquire said celebrity.

Acquiring the right celebrity for your brand can do wonders and it is a sure way of getting you the publicity you need. With a fine eye for detail, and backed with the proper understanding of your brand’s qualities and philosophy, a brand ambassador will definitely be the best investment you make.

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