Want to know how to create a smashing newsletter? Then, read on!

A newsletter is the easiest and most effective way of communicating about company’s employees and activities in a timely fashion.
1. Unlike other forms of communication newsletters are not restricted by audience, but cater to both internal and external parties who are concerned with the organization.
2. Although newsletters can be handed out on a weekly basis, the most common practice in the industry is to design and distribute copies every month or on a quarterly basis.

3. A message from the President or CEO shows employees lower down the hierarchy that the company does not discriminate in terms of listening and solving queries
4. Feature stories are a great way of promoting a department or communicating an individual’s achievements. These stories also ensure that your newsletter never runs out of interesting and unique stories
5. Special care must be taken while incorporating humour into articles or stories. Keep in mind the diversity of people in your company and choose stories accordingly
6. Use quality paper with either the paper or ink in colour. While black and white themed newsletters may be lighter on the pocket, pops of colour are sure to grab attention.
7. The best designs are seasonal and coincide with a particular festival or an event in the organization. At the same time it is important to keep in mind basic templates and fonts that remain standard in all newsletters, giving readers a sense of comfort and familiarity.
8. The best newsletters also have people with fixed responsibilities working toward its success. This simple task ensures that duties don’t overlap, egos do not clash and the newsletter makes it out on time, every time.
9. Plan everything in advance. Content should be strategically collected rather than presenting a random collection of events at the time of publication.

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