Make Your Brand Look More Authentic on Social Media

Any company can have a social media presence. The real challenge is in building an online presence that is trustworthy and has the potential to generate conversions. Customers buy only from companies that they consider authentic, leaving businesses with no choice but to make authenticity to be a crucial part of their social media strategy.

Incorporate the following habits on your social media to make your brand look more authentic on social media platforms:

Listen and respond: Have real, one-to-one conversations with your social media followers. Listen to what your customers say and respond with valuable and timely insight. Social listening gives your brand a personal touch making your audience feel more connected. This results in increased traffic, hiking up your sales.

Personalize your outreach: To personalize your social media outreach, mention specific customers or individuals in your posts. Take time to reach out personally and make your customers realize that you see them as individuals and that you’ll provide them with a personal experience all along their journey with you. Remembering people makes your brand more authentic.

Know your audience: You cannot be authentic if you don’t know your target audience. Knowing your audience is essential to make strategic decisions regarding sales and marketing. Create content that resonates deeply with your audience. Make your audience feel like you know them well enough, it will make them more inclined to find out who you are. To become a trusted thought leader in your niche, make content that demonstrates your expertise in your industry.

Be consistent: Being consistent doesn’t mean having a formula. It can be as simple as inserting your logo on every profile, marketing channel, and video you upload or making sure that your social media team uses the same industry terms in every conversation. Pick a brand voice and apply it to all your social media platforms.

Share constantly: Show your reliability as a business by constantly sharing a variety of relevant articles, e-books, and videos. Use a social media publishing platform to help you simplify the process and to organize and streamline your social media posts getting you maximum reach and brand awareness.

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