Sure, Instagram has come to be known as the home of the ‘shallow and attention seeking’, but what no one can take away from the application is its ability to reach people in the most obscure parts of the world.

We are at a point in time when content marketing is becoming the industry’s norm. Instagram gives companies the opportunity to showcase their products and services, with just minimal description and offer info. This instantly appeals to the human brain, which is more than happy to just take in the necessary and scrap out all other details. And once you’ve captured the fancy of your target market, the best way to build trust is by featuring “before and after” or consumer stories.

Being a brand has grown so much; it isn’t just about the highest returns anymore, but rather building a relationship with your customers. By featuring stories of your most favourable customers, you not only encourage consumer activity but also add a ‘human touch’ to your brand.

Images most often are a reflection of its surroundings; in our world, surroundings aren’t bound by borders. An American brand putting up a picture wishing its consumers in India ‘Happy Diwali’ or a fitness company putting up a quote like “It’s okay to give into your cravings, once in a while’ make brands more familiar. It is probably the easiest way to break into a new economic market and again adds the necessary ‘human touch’. Teaser campaigns are a PR professional’s best friend. In fact the most successful promotional campaigns recently have been the ones who’ve maintained a sense of mystery and have created a huge sense of intrigue in the minds of the public.

Instagram is the perfect tool for this as well! Sneak previews, riddles, related messages and even contests for customers can all be implemented on this simple app that people keep checking into all day!

When compared with its counterpart ‘Snapchat’, the one major plus point is that your images will remain on the app until you decide it is necessary to be taken down. Further, Instagram has been around longer and is hence the answer for start ups and smaller businesses looking for that little boost in publicity.

The world of social media is one filled with ups and downs, surprises and disasters. In that sense Instagram is up there with the best. And oh, be careful with what you put up, content marketing has also been to be highly controversial at times! Happy posting!

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