The high-five selfie challenge – are you up for it?

You’ve heard of the duck selfie, the bathroom selfie, and the gym selfie, but have you heard of the high-five selfie challenge?!!

It all started when Seth Schneider, a college student in North Carolina, decided to take a selfie of him high-fiving himself. Within few minutes of posting…achievement, it became viral.


In a little more than a week, Seth has received 1,77,137 retweets and 4,45,167 likes on a picture of him clapping, sorry high-fiving. “Just push the button and be speedy” is Seth’s advice to all the future brave souls who want to risk their phones’ lives.  

 Fortunately, (or unfortunately) I was curious about this challenge and decided to try it myself! Big mistake. You have to possess a certain amount of coordination, which I apparently lack.


I spent around 10 minutes trying to take a selfie of me high-fiving….well…me, but I gave up after 15 failed attempts.

However, there are other people out there who are more dedicated to the cause than I am. Megan Hayes woke up at 3 am and succeeded in getting this amazing picture of her high-fiving herself.


I guess the bottom-line is: May the odds be ever in your favour.

So what are you waiting for?? Click a high-five selfie and let us know how it goes.

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