Gul Panag – The First Indian Woman to Drive Formula E Racing Car

Women have always inspired us with their achievements. It’s no doubt that they are second to impossible in their commitments and diverse professions.

Once suppressed, they are now active participants in our society. Be it a matter of politics or a closed yard of sports, they’ve dominated the ring with their wit, wisdom, and weight.

As I was surfing the Internet for some information, I came across the greatest addition to the numbers list by Indian women who have done something beyond ordinary.

Gul Panag, apart from her career as an actor in Indian Cinema has achieved many more accolades in a short period of time. Her boundless efforts and desires made her what an ordinary man can only dream of until awakened.

Gul Panag in November 2016,  announced on her Instagram that she has acquired a pilot’s license. Her fans didn’t waste any time to wish and appraise her on her Instagram’s timeline.

In April 2017, Gul Panag became the first Indian woman to drive a Formula E racing car in Barcelona, Spain. As we all know that she’s an avid lover of speed, she took a big leap when she drove the Formula E racing car in Spain.

This was the Instagram post where she’s ready to drive the Formula E. There is No doubt it requires a great level of skill and training which she went through before hitting the ground. Gul Panag looked ravishing and quite excited when she wore racer outfits.

Have a look at her Instagram posts where she’s excited to take on the wheels.

We wish many more Gul Panag’s come and drive society forward.

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