Graphic Designing – No Photoshop skills required!

Designing a post for your website is hard because you’re not well versed in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator? Not really!

There are several online graphic design tools with which you can design creative posts for your website. Let’s see some of the best tools where you can design posters, brochures, social media posts and much more stuff.

  1. Canva: When it comes to online designing tools, Canva comes at the top. It’s easy to use. You can upload your images and do the editing. They have loads of free templates for each category. If you want, you can go for the premium version also. Not only web media design but you can also design print media graphics like magazines. It is used by both professionals and beginners. If you’re a job-seeker, then you can create your resume with it.
  2. PiktoChart: It’s the same as Canva. But compared to the former, they offer lesser “free” templates for Infographic and other social media posts. In their own words, they define their service as, “Designed to make your communication matter. Go ahead, be picky – there are plenty of ways to make your story speak louder than words”.
  3. Stencil: Another interesting tool to design graphics is Stencil. While in Canva, you can create as many graphics you want, in Stencil, you can only create 10 graphics/month with its free version. Only with its Pro features, you’ll be able to create unlimited images. With Stencil, you can directly share your graphics on social media and it integrates with great social tools like Buffer.

A piece of advice: though it is fine to use these free templates, in the long run, creativity, resources and time is affected. The best bet would be to consider agencies who specialises in such designing rather than banking on free templates. After all, there is no free lunches!

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