In what some see as a pioneering move by internet startup Flipkart, the online retail giant has pulled the plug on its connection with the contentious platform – Airtel Zero.

Flipkart’s brave move has also been a PR remedy as such, after its Bigmillionday fiasco day last year. From being the reason of outrage of the country to being the pioneers of an issue that is rocking the nation, the people at Flipkart are definitely dwelling in their present glory! By this move, Flipkart has stood behind their stance of supporting and promoting the cause of Net Neutrality in India no matter the size or service provided by various companies. In other words, Flipkart has decided to take stand against discrimination.

This move though is more of a rectification than a selfless move, as it was only after public backlash for the apps collaboration with Airtel Zero that this came about. This again proves that siding with your customers and taking up issues that are most relevant to them is a much smarter business move, rather than concentrating on momentary monetary aims.


On Airtel’s behalf though, the company has maintained the position of their online platform as only a marketing portal rather than a tariff scheme. The telecom giant also went as far to say that they completely support net neutrality and believe that no site must be controlled, blocked or given any preferential access. And this in fact is in tow with the opinion of other smaller startups who have not felt the need to cut their ties with Airtel Zero. Airtel Zero is a double edged sword, while it helps smaller businesses it might and could hamper the neutrality of the net in the future.

Net neutrality is a grave issue that is to be taken serious and fought for. Moving into the digital age, it is important that all websites and online businesses are given equal opportunity. This is the best outcome for individual sites and businesses and also the total quality of content of the web.

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