Expert talk on digital marketing: Heidi Cohen

There are some situations when you will want guidance on the specific aspects of digital marketing but then have no clue on whose expert advice you should follow. There are tons of people to choose from- writers, researchers, speakers etc. In this blog we are going to look at experts whose advice will make a difference.

Heidi Cohen

She is the chief content officer of Actionable marketing guide and is also an author. She shares practical advice on social media, content marketing, advertising, small business and life goals. She suggests that no stone should be left unturned while searching for the right target audience.


Advertisement tips:

  • Follow search engines like yahoo, Bing and google in their methods for online advertising.
  • Optimize your URL in such a way that your search product is relevant.
  • Should you use correct punctuations in ADS? Definitely, be grammatically correct

Website Tips:

  • Update your website often. If it is not done, people will tend to look for a better option.
  • Make your website mobile friendly. According to statistics, 80% of the searches are from mobiles.
  • In order to get recognised by locals, you should use their geo-keywords and addresses.

Search engine optimisation:

  • Enable share buttons on your blog so that the visitors read and spread the word which will help gather new people on board.
  • Having a business blog is useless unless you promote and share original content and therefore rank the search engines.
  • Generate positive reviews and get high rankings so that more customers are drawn into your business.

Social Media:

  • Think and review many times before you make a post in social media because it can be viewed by everyone.
  • Before putting a hashtag know its origin or else you might regret it later.

Keep watching this space for more on what the experts say!

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