Creating a good work environment

Perks aren’t an important criteria for creating a good work environment. Employers expect something beyond this and they value their work. Thus it is essential they get more that just bonus or vacation policies so that they are more productive and happy with the work. Here are simple tips to make sure life is at its best:

  1. Work timings should be flexible.

Employers often face a lot of conflicts at home and work due to office timings. There is no peace in either of the places. The nature of work is such that it is 9-6 and this makes the person spend less time at home. Considering the distance and tiredness of work pressure, it would be better if Saturdays are given an off and working at home could also be option. Transport should be provided by the company and there should be weekly parties for relaxation. This helps the employees stay as a group and feel as if all are one.

This keeps the family happy and the person can divide time equally to segregate his work. This will give him a clearer picture of his life.

  1. Appreciate the work of colleagues and other staff:

This is a very important criterion. One should motivate the juniors and appreciate their job. Thanking them will be of huge boost to their confidence and they will feel rejuvenated to work with even more determination for the company.

This is something most of the companies lack and a lot of complaints are given in the employee feedback. Praising them will make them rise to the occasion when needed.

  1. Celebrate success and give positive reinforcements:

If a project has been successfully completed and done before the deadline, then throw random acts of kindness and shower love on the employers because it was because of their effort it was doing well. Pass around joy and exchange gifts. Encourage positive thing around the society and there should be no hatred among the people. They should celebrate each other’s promotion and victory.

  1. Communicate properly and listen to all ideas.

Pool in all ideas and take decisions as a collective unit. It will help the workers and no one will be left out. They will also be included and it will  make them feel like home. Trust everyone and given them confidence. Your entire team has experiences and so sharing would be good.

Always remember, it not important whether you are the team leader or not. Each idea counts and plays a role in creating a good environment. Encourage, inspire and nurture a good surrounding.

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