Common challenges faced by social media influencers

There is no doubt that influencer marketing is a rapidly growing marketing strategy that many brands are leveraging, resulting in a significant increase in budget allocation by businesses for influencer marketing.

The popularity gained by influencer marketing has inspired a lot of people to become influencers in their niche. But in order to become a successful social media influencer, you need to be able to generate a higher engagement rate.

Engaging with followers is easier said than done. It demands a lot of hard work to increase the scope of engagement with your followers. If you aspire to be an influencer, you will face many challenges in generating a decent engagement rate.

Below is a list of possible challenges which you may face in order to get more engagement rate on social media:

Knowing your target audience: Not knowing whom to target becomes an obstacle in your way of becoming a successful influencer. This will put you way behind in the game. To know your audience, build personas for your ideal followers in the same way a brand creates their customer personas. Creating your ideal audience personas will help you understand the type of content your followers would like to see. Moreover, knowing your audience is the base of your foundation to becoming a successful influencer.

Leveraging the right social media platforms: Once you figure out what they want, find out where they want it. Along with understanding and knowing your audience, it is crucial to understand what social media platforms they spend most of their time. Figure out the best suited social media platforms and understand how each platform can help you gain a high engagement rate. Ensure that you don’t post content on a social media platform where your audience is not active.

Choosing the right content formats: Create visual content formats like gifs, videos, and images to engage your audience. Turn your complicated information into infographics to draw the attention of your followers. It boosts your engagement rate on social media. Images are also a visually appealing content. Using relevant and attractive images trigger more engagement rates on social media. Only post relevant and high-quality images to attain a good reputation among your audience.

Posting at right time: Post your content during the peak visiting hours when the majority of your followers are online. Experiment by posting your content at different hours of the day to identify the best times and analyze the results by monitoring the response from your followers. Share your content at those particular times to get the maximum engagement rate.

Challenges are what makes or breaks anyone. Knowing the possible challenges faced when aiming for a higher engagement rate on social media platforms will help you to prepare for them accordingly.

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