Bored too soon?

How many times have we chided someone for “having the attention span of a goldfish!” Turns out, we might actually have been paying them a compliment.

Recent studies show that thanks to smartphones, humans have the attention span of a measly 8 seconds when compared to the goldfish’s 9 seconds. Social media seems to have discovered this fact – with Twitter allowing just 140 characters and Snapchat allowing you to film videos for not more than 10 seconds, the need to make it short-and- sweet is growing.

It is this challenge that brands have got to face – they have got to tell their story – and they have got mere seconds to do that. Fail to capture the audience’s attention in the first few seconds – and chances are that they will never see the rest of your marketing material. There are many brilliant ads out there that do a great job of driving across their message within a few seconds. Personal favorites would be the Havells ads about their coffee makers and their fans .

It is highly unlikely that an ad in YouTube runs its course, I mean, how many of us have impatiently drummed our hands on the table waiting for that blessed “Skip Ad” button to appear? (unless it’s our favorite celebrity of course!)

The generation that waited for hours together for one TV program on Doordarshan (sound familiar?) would scoff at the state of affairs today, but it is a given that the online trend has established the need for more powerful content.

The bottom line is: Have engaging, easy to understand, and interesting content that your consumers can see within a few seconds – anything too long may…oh look, a new tweet!

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