The last one in there, the one that’s buried way below… yes! That’s the one…it’s GOLD!

In this complex world of advertising keeping ad campaigns fresh and alive, yet relevant is a constant battle! It is difficult to come by some truly inspired ideas. Typically when these ideas are brought out you don’t expect them to get shot down! But often that happens because the client is too rigid about its image in the public eye.

A brand like the Apollo group of hospitals, as would be expected, has always preferred a very sophisticated approach with a serious undertone. The focus has always been about the quality of treatment and services provided. If you were to have a look at a few of the Apollo hospital ads, it would reflect this very strongly

Recently, an ad, which is a part of the Apollo group’s emergency wing campaign, went viral on whatsapp! It is called Yamargency.

As you can well see, this ad is unlike any other ad by Apollo. Simply put, they’ve nailed it! It gets the message across with a bit of humor! What is most brilliant about this is that Apollo went with it!

The 5 take aways form this, both from the agency perspective and the client perspective is:

  1. Agencies need to be given the license to push the boundaries of creativity. That last idea, tucked away somewhere in the pile, needs to be brought out. The agencies should be given the freedom to push the envelope and that needn’t mean being unfaithful to the brief! Who knows, it could very well be the best idea they ever had.
  2. Clients need to be patient listeners and open to different ideas. Had the agency not insisted on showing something out of the box, this would’ve been lost somewhere, gathering dust!
  3. Dont underestimate the intellect of the consumer. This ad teases the consumers’ intellect and pleases their creative sensibilites! Whats more, the seriousness of the main message hasn’t gone anywhere.
  4. Both agencies and clients need to be more willing to take risks. Take a leap of faith and sometimes it may work out to be the best leap for your business!
  5. In the digital age, the great ideas are invariably ones that transcend media boundaries. With a burst in the media today, television sets cease to be the only place where advertisements can be watched. YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp even, have made themselves a very significant place in this regard. An ad that is not hinged upon the medium in which it is viewed is the one that invariably clicks today!

From one agency to another… Hats off! It’s an inspired piece of work! We absolutely loved it!

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