Keep calm and write a blog!

If you’ve been long enough on the internet, you’re bound to have read at least one blog article or the other. Right from teens, to freelancers, to stay-at-home moms and to corporates , everyone seems to be running a blog these days.

So, let’s take a step back from watching those cat videos and ask ourselves one simple question – What makes a blog so likeable and popular? For starters, a blog provides an ideal platform for one person (or a company) to connect with a horde of internet users. It’s a place where you get to share your thoughts, your opinions, your story, or just about anything for that matter. Blogs impart a human touch to the article, making it easier to forge a bond with readers. You could be a food blogger, a news writer, a corporate blogger, or a product reviewer; the genres are endless.


blogpost But blogging is not for everyone….right?

Though blogs are rife in the internet, many people are apprehensive of starting a blog. Blogs feed on creativity and the writer’s ability to project their feelings and ideas on to a blank page. For creating a blog, the design and theme of the blog must be decided on. A good host site should be chosen, preferably those which are user friendly. And the number one thing to remember about blogs is that they thrive on good pictures and info graphics.
While this may seem like too much on the plate, the best part about being a blogger is that all of the above points can be covered without exclusive knowledge of html and without hiring a Photoshop professional. Host sites such as WordPress or Hubspot can be used to find a good template as per your blogging needs and has all the add-ons necessary to adjust the blog to suit your taste.


voiceofinternetBlogs are the voice of the internet. 

Maybe you have a nice hiking trip you want to share about, or a kickass comic strip you think the world needs to know ASAP, either way blogging is the way to go! These days, however, blogs come to mean so much more. As a company, blogging is an ideal tool to represent the beliefs and pulse of the brand. It’s a channel to educate the audience as to what the company’s products stand for, its insights and to receive feedback from them. Corporates use blogs to key you in on the latest trending topics, raise your brand awareness, keep tabs on competition and encourage prospective customers to comment and interact with them. Blogging is especially rampant for technology. Critics and reviewers are eager to write paras and paras of text containing their views, pros and cons on every product ever to see a press release. Invest time and great content in your blog, and the traction you gain can make you as famous as any Bollywood/Hollywood star!
Thus, blogs have evolved to become a cost-effective marketing tool. When coupled with blog analytics, which gives you valuable statistics on traffic, popular shares, comments and so on, blogs have become an indispensable digital marketing instrument. Blogging is so effective, that even Stoppresscomms is enamored with it! We recommend it to everyone. Keep calm and write a blog, people.

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