Just as how the Swiss Alps have become synonymous with every Indian film’s love song or the Big Ben in London with every spy movie ever taken, locations around the world are becoming seemingly popular because of their presence in a movie or series.

Film tourism is becoming an increasingly popular world trend because countries around the world are starting to view it as a guaranteed way to promote themselves. For a country like New Zealand that wasn’t doing very well in the Tourism sector, the dawn of the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and its imagery as Middle Earth have drawn in tourists from all across the globe.

Fans of the fantasy trilogy pay huge sums of money to just spend a few nights in the Hobbiton settlement. The movie has impacted the country so much so that Air New Zealand even painted its livery with Hobbit Themed images!

This move though is more of a rectification than a selfless move, as it was only after public backlash for the apps collaboration with Airtel Zero that this came about. This again proves that siding with your customers and taking up issues that are most relevant to them is a much smarter business move, rather than concentrating on momentary monetary aims.

Tourism through a film or TV serial is a double edged sword. While it definitely puts the destinations name out in the public, a dark plot or a negative set up can lead to negative marketing for the location being used

Film tourism does not only benefit the destination of choice, but also the film being shot. Instead of spending huge sums of money and hours of effort recreating a scenery, these readily available locations are the perfect choice for any production team. Understanding this symbiotic relationship, Governments around the world make a lot of offers to production teams coming to their country, which cut costs and eases the licensing procedures that are to be followed to shoot in some locations. Film tourism affects 5%of a tourist’s choice while choosing a holiday destination. Hence it is becoming an increasingly important factor and if utilized in the proper manner can soon become a booming industry!

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