Tips for Effective Tweeting

Tweeting has become a popular trend now-a-days and has created one’s identity in the social world. Thus it is essential to present the tweets in such a way that the society gets impressed and it should be noticed by the world. It should be diplomatic and at the same time to the point. Here are a few tips to effective tweeting.

  1. Be legible and easy to understand

Do not use too many short forms as it will get hard to understand what you are trying to tell. People need to understand your message easily and it should be comprehensible or else it will get difficult. Encourage people to participate and motivate them. You should call the audience to action and inspire your followers and be an example. Keep it to the point and do not be a bore. See to that your account is protected if not everything you write will be visible to the public, if the information you post is defamatory

  1. Use hash-tags

Hash-tags are very important while tweeting. They are the new trend now and only 24% of tweets contain hash-tags. Thus we need to rise the percentage so that your tweet becomes more popular and goes up the ranking. Tweet when followers are busy and during business hours of 8am-7pm. It gathers more viewership.

  1. Retweet

Retweeting gains you more popularity and retweet mainly what celebrities post. Share important articles and their links and create awareness among the society. Be updated with the current affairs of the country and tweet often so that they don’t forget your activities. Make sure you spell out the word “retweet” as it gives you more engagement than using “RT”. Request your followers to retweet what you have posted as it gives you a 17% more increment.

  1. Pose a question

Be interactive with the users so that they follow you with eagerness for your next tweet. If you pose a question, ask for a reply. Use a conversational tone to to make business and twitter makes this possible via @reply.  Combine questions with a contest to make it more interesting and to gather viewership.

Remember twitter is about conversations. When it comes to the frequency of tweeting there is always a right and wrong way to do that. So follow these tips and get going in the tweeting arena!!

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