Sometimes, standing outside the crowd is good for business

Creativity is a word that instantly opens up to a world of possibilities. They say a child’s imagination runs wild, that creativity descends naturally onto a child who’s not yet been molded by life. The spark, the drive to think outside the box comes naturally to someone who isn’t all too familiar with the laws of reality. ‘Think outside the box’ is a phrase that’s been passing around all too often, hasn’t it? There was a time when following the norms and being a part of the crowd was the way to go. But the wheels have long since unclogged and everyone wants to be different. Now, being different attracts the crowd, being different is the stepping stone to whichever path you take; and being different means unleashing your creativity.
Sometimes I believe in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast

Marketers now feel a need to deviate from the routine conventional marketing strategies. They realize that there is a ton of competition in the online and offline spectrum, and that the only way to receive hype and momentum on their brand is to rack their brains and come up with a never-heard-of-before campaign.




This means that McDonald’s can paint a zebra crossing yellow to make it look like their French fries, or they can place a huge plastic coffee cup in front of a street light to make it look like a Coffee streetlight. It means that Axecan place a sticker of female stick figures running after the men’s restroom sign and everybody will appreciate the humour and remember the product message.





If Discovery Channel wants to warn beach goers, they can lay shark-bitten surfboards along the beach to send a clear warning. It means that brands can cook up catchy slogans and make a wall art out of it. And if anything wants to go viral, you can bet there will be a flash-mob staged in your local town square! It’s this kind of innovative thinking that the crowd loves and yearns for from all marketers.





So what’s the catch?
In our earlier post ‘There’s no such thing as bad advertising, right?’ we had mentioned how a brand can misrepresent its interests. Well, when brands push for a creative and eye-popping slogan for their campaign, sometimes the intent of the ad gets lost in translation. Marketers get cold feet when their ad message receives negative criticism or when the entire marketing strategy lands as a total failure. As the creativity of the campaign isn’t tested and proved, it could backfire and cost the company precious money. The risks are high and stage is shaky. In such a situation where the odds can go either way, brands prefer to stick to traditional marketing strategies.
Be creative, be heard
The success of famous companies like Apple, Coke, McDonald’s, FedEx, Visa,etc. took time and a lot of ‘outside the box’ strategies to attract their audience. Small brands should invest in daring and creative marketing strategies to get notice amongst the giants.If negative feedback is what companies are afraid of, then clear planning should be undertaken to ensure that the marketing message is represented properly.

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