Social media marketing is hard to nail. But here are few tips to get around it!!!

You already know about our main mission to provide our readers with advice on social media. We’ve written how-to guides, shared different templates, and have created many lists to cover important topics in social media marketing. However, we know that for people in charge of social media marketing management, especially in small businesses, don’t always have much time to browse through an extensive blog archive.

Analyze Past Content to Improve Posts

Most businesses analyze the effectiveness of their social media after they publish. Now, there are tools available to analyze data for content curation before you post. Armed with this data, you can increase the effectiveness of your content curation by publishing content that has a greater chance of success on a specific network.

Buying Likes And Followers

Did you know that you can buy followers and likes for certain social networks? Yep! Is it a good idea? Nope! Yet it’s still a widely followed practice. Acquiring followers in the triple and quadruple digits with little-to-no work on your end is tempting, but it’s an empty number. They don’t care about what you’re saying or what you’re doing. The quality of your audience diminishes, as does the real impact of your social media posts. A lose-lose practice, through and through.


Avoid social media strategy mistakes at all cost

Knowing what to include in your social media strategy is key to your social media success. But do you know what not to do on social media? There are many common social media tactics that can be damaging to your social media presence and this blog post touches on the social media mistakes you should put on your ‘what to avoid list.

Target your audience better with the use of social media statistics

Social media statistics allow marketers who use social media for business to guide their social media strategies. With so many studies being done on social media, it would be a shame not to take advantage of these very informative numbers. This blog post puts together a healthy selection of social media statistics that every social media marketing manager should know.

Posting Too Much

People follow you because they like you, what you do, or what you make. That’s a great thing because it means that they’re engaged with and receptive to your brand. But their loyalty does not make them immune to post fatigue. Use restraint when posting to your social channels.

There’s no silver bullet approach to building your social media marketing strategy. There are endless ways to build one that depend on variables like your business size, business type, brand, location, and demographics. Organic growth and engagement are the core of any successful social strategy.







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