Poof – your post just disappeared!!

One of our favourite social media platforms has introduced live stories and disappearing pictures and videos, which you can either add to your story or as a direct message to your friends. No, this is not Snapchat we’re talking about – it’s Instagram! The past month, Instagram has two new updates – live stories and disappearing videos and pictures.

So then, what’s the deal with these Instagram pictures that can disappear? Well, Instagram has said the following about their updates:


Live stories on Instagram are similar to its parent company – Facebook’s own live videos with the main difference that the live videos disappear after you’re done recording and streaming them. With the pictures and videos, it is more or less the same concept as Snapchat’s – You can either share a self-destructing picture/video to your story or send it directly to your friends.

This essentially means that the two visual image sharing platform rivals will compete to obtain the most number of users. The only advantage that Instagram has in our opinion is that you can send these visual messages to groups of people– which you unfortunately can’t do on Snapchat. Moreover, you will be notified if people have replayed or screenshot your disappearing picture, much like Snapchat.

What does this mean for photo-sharing apps in the digital world and what does this say about our expendable photo-sharing habits? Leave us your comments below!

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