An outdated website signifies a dead brand


A website is used to communicate to customers and make sense to them. If a website is not upgraded, it becomes ineffective and negative vibes spread across the company. Stakeholders and potential buyers will not get confidence in investing in the products. Websites are a critical aspect to communicate important information to the people. The value of your brand, benefits and other defects should be effectively shown in the website. The website must be well maintained so that it is easy to communicate with the outside world as the company might be under pressure.

The majority of customers have only 25 seconds to capture the visuals of a website and thus making it innovative and intellectual is important.

  • Make your website mobile friendly:

Most of the searches are done using mobiles and thus a huge number of customer base is lost if your website is not compatible with mobile phones. Google has newly launched schemes stating that there would be penalties for websites with are not user friendly.


  • Websites taking too long to load

How much time does it take for a page to load? Customers have a very short span of patience with them. They usually wait only for 5-6 seconds before they close the site and move on. Thus make sure that there is no loading problems with the site. Also there should not be buttons or hyperlinks which don’t work. This irritates the customers before they abandon them. Update from time to time to see all is working fine with the site.


  • Inappropriate font style

The font style should be legitimate and catchy. People should not get frustrated seeing the font and “comic sans” or “times new roman” would be a definite option to look decent. Techniques and thought process should be put into to design the website.

  • Unwanted images and filthy designs

Too many images spoil the look of the page. Pictures which are relevant to the product and visible should only be put or else the customers think that it is a bit over-done. Streamlining the images and design would be a better idea. Cramping stuff with little space left will drive away the few ones which were left.

  • Relevant content provided

Only useful information should be updated in the website. Unwanted content will make sure that the customer never logs on to the website ever again. Create social awareness among the people. Captions should be attractive and all information should be got easy. If not these outdated things will get out of hand.

Thus upgrading new features and connecting with technology and people is an essential criteria for improvement in the company. 

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