How newsletters are the secret to selling your business

If you’re wondering how email marketing can boost your business, you’re not alone. Plenty of savvy business minds have pondered that question.For most marketers, this will sound familiar. You’re sitting around a conference room, trying to figure out how to best engage your leads and customers, sell more products, or just “stay top-of-mind” for your target audience and someone decides there’s a solution that can solve all of those problems at once: email newsletters!


To give your fledgling digital newsletter a jump-start, here are four of the best-kept secrets to getting started on the right foot:

  • Get Specific
  • Get a premium versions
  • Submit to free newsletter directories
  • Interview the experts

Nothing entices a customer more than a great deal. Your customer saves a few bucks and your bottom line gets a boost. Not bad, right? Keep in mind, promotional emails aren’t reserved for only things like, “Don’t miss our 50% off sale.” A promotional email can offer other perks too, like free shipping or a free product trial.

great newsletter

A well-written newsletter is something customers will look forward to receiving. The foremost thing to remember when writing a newsletter is to offer informative and useful information that customers will want to read.

Secondly, remember to be brief. Customers receive many emails everyday, so it is important to make sure your newsletter can be easily scanned for important information.  Including bulletin and bold headlines will help to quickly draw your customer’s eye to the information you want them to see.

With a small number of subscriptions, it’s tough to attract paid ads from brands with significant budgets. And since the amount you make per ad is tied to the size of your list, it’s usually better to focus on subscriber growth until your list is north of 40,000 or 50,000 before ramping up sales efforts.


News-letter can be promoted in a checklist format

A checklist is a great way to make your newsletter quite useful to readers.  Begin with an introduction to the list, and then present informative steps for accomplishing a specific goal.  For example, if your business is planning weddings, you may select a topic such as “Bride’s Checklist for a Perfect Wedding Reception.”

Finally, when considering both a format and content for your newsletter, remember to select themes that can be easily reproduced from week to week.

Most e-newsletters attract new subscribers through a combination of paid marketing campaigns, and free activities like referrals from readers. SIZE MATTERS.

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