Naming your brand

Words evoke emotion. People will be able to grasp words which are easy to read, understand and recall. Business companies spend lakhs and crores to come up with the right name for their brand or product. Choosing a company’s name might be excruciating.

Approval of a name:

The name should not be copied from others and should be approved by the registrar of companies in the state/union territory to which the company belongs. This approval is provided with certain conditions:  for instance, there should not be an existing company with the same name before. The last name of the company should end with “Private Ltd” and if it is a public enterprise it should end with “Ltd”.

Make it unique:

The name of company should be creative and have meaning. For instance: Microsoft, in its name itself has a logic and uniqueness and stays in people’s minds.

Make the brand impressive and appropriate to the logo:

The logo and the company name should sync. If they are poles apart from each other, there would no resemblance to the brand. Thus naming it innovatively is essential.

A name has value beyond basic branding, and the process is more complex than choosing the one you like. Legal compliance and compatibility must be taken into consideration.

The brand should be socially acceptable:

Name should be appropriate and shouldn’t affect any particular section of the society or degrade other brands. It should create awareness in the society and be logical.

The name has to reflect its identity, purpose, mission, products and services and be easy to remember by customers. The real aim of name a business enterprise it to make sure that the potential customers really identify the service you provide.

A good brand name is usually short and sweet and will mean a lot than it spells.

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