IoT and marketing

Imagine a world where your coffee is made based on the number of hours you’ve slept – If you’ve only slept 4 hours, your coffee will be made stronger compared to if you have slept 8 hours – all thanks to Internet of Things or IoT!

If you don’t know already, IOT essentially connects anything to everything and is the latest trend in the global market. IoT has recently made its mark in digital marketing and we thought of sharing its connection with the digital marketing world.

1) Consumer Behaviour

With IoT, consumer behaviour can be analyzed and tracked faster and more easily. With the real-time factor of IoT, we can analyze what exactly the consumer is doing when they buy or don’t buy the product/service. Consumer analysis will be executed in a more efficient manner across platforms.

2) Social Media

Through IoT, you can make a predictive analysis about what the consumer is going to buy before they buy it. Using IoT, more data can be collected on consumers’ past purchases and what they’re talking about buying in their social circles.

3) Personalization

Additionally, with the new IoT version of social media marketing, there is more personalization involved. Consumers will be recommended products based on their browsing history and other tastes and preferences.

Let us know the different roles IoT can play in today’s digital marketing world in the comments section below !

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