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We have often seen that holidays come with a package of happiness. And why shouldn’t it be?  We plan to do a million things – be it a casual dinner or theme party or a long trip away from the stressful daily routine, yet we get no time to invest in those events.

College students find an easy way to balance their routine for both the parts. But with an advance to the next phase of life which is to be a part of an MNC, holidays are no longer a merry-full term. I have seen people who sleep all day on the weekends rather than enjoying the day out. And I’m also a part of that example.

So, do we need a shift in company policies at all?

As a matter of fact, some companies are changing their lifestyle in order to keep their employee’s trust. Whether it’s a matter of medical needs or the welcoming of a new guest in the house, these companies are trying to keep the work routine as simple as they can.

Mumbai based Gozoop Online provides its female workers the offer to work from home during their menstruation. They can work from their comfort zone with their normal outfits and in no way it has marred the company’s target. Rather, it has fostered more understanding between the people.

Chennai based Cultural Machine is one step further. They provide a one-day leave for female workers. According to the needs, they can use this either on the first day or as they want. Even though this problem is seen as a Taboo by some, this leave seems a relief for those who really need it and has cut down the misunderstandings of men.

There’s no better happiness than to become a parent. Women are provided 26 weeks off as maternity leave. But does only a woman need extra-time to explore the joy of becoming a parent?

I guess not! Salesforce India gives their male workers 12 weeks paid leave to support the family.

Then there are bereavement leave, festival holidays and much more!

To conclude, I can only say that such good culture adoption will make great employees. And if companies continue to understand the problems of workers, then there will be no stressful days and no work pressure.

After all, an organization is for the people and not the people for organization.


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