What is a hashtag? What does it do? How can you use it? In other words, what’s all the fuss about these four interconnected lines?!

“A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media sites such as Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic”

– Google search

Well, consider a hashtag to be the ‘Maps’ app on your phone; only it leads people straight to your posts rather than to your doorstep. It basically breaks down content based on specific themes or keywords that blatantly stand out and seem to be trending.

Consider this situation – India has just won a monumental match against Pakistan or Donald Trump actually does become the President of the United States! The only sane action after such news would be to jump on the social media bandwagon and tweet your thoughts or update your status. But how do you make sure it reaches the maximum potential audience it can? Well, you hashtag it! Hashtags are like a digital sword that cuts through the clutter that is social media .

It is very easy and quick to find out if a hashtag is working for you or not. While some hashtags may not get the appropriate response initially, the chances of them becoming a part of everyday lingo and building an audience base eventually are incredibly high. Uniformity is key when using a hashtag, but if it isn’t bringing the necessary outcome then just go ahead and change it! Another cardinal use while using hashtags is to never over-use them! Cluttered hashtags are the first sign of an unprofessional and unorganized individualor enterprise. A quick check with Google Analytics and two to three hashtags is all it takes for a post to be successful.

Hashtags have shed their careless attitude and have grown to become an important part of digital marketing today. Organized lists of industry specific hashtags are available online – a calculated use of these resources could be the difference between a company that is doing well on social media and one that is trying to make its way through a never ending process of trial and error. In all, Hashtags best serve their purpouse when used smartly and efficiently – remember when it comes to hashtags, quality always overpowers quantity!

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