Gotta catch ’em all!!

Gotta catch ‘em all, gotta catch ‘em all, Pokémon! By now you must have realized that there’s a new game in town – Pokémon Go. For the 90’s kids, Pokémon Go is a complete #tbt and #fbf. They now have a way to catch Pokémon and actually be the very best!

From catching Pokémon to hatching poke eggs and going to pokestops, the game involves a lot of walking. In fact, the only way to hatch your poke eggs is to walk! If you want to catch pidgemons, rattatas, and pikachus, you have to walk at least 2km! For the rarer pokémon, you either have to walk 5km or 10km. From just those numbers alone, Pokémon Go appears to be beneficial for lazy and overweight people! Pokemón Go also takes into account people who are not comfortable with social interaction, and the game has actually increased the social interaction of these individuals.

However, a game like this does bring up the fact that Pokémon Go is yet another phone app, which means people are still stuck to their phones and living in a virtual world. A drawback of Pokémon Go is that people have been getting injured while looking for pokémon- from tripping to falling into water!

In fact, Chennai had its own Pokémon Go incident at the Anna Nagar Tower Park where 100s of young adults and adults ran around the park looking for the rare pokemon, Blastoise! Check out this video taken by Chennai resident, Vignesh Pillai:

It is good to see that Chennai is keeping up with the trends!

Overall, Pokémon Go seems to be a beneficial and useful app for all ages. Here’s to hoping that people become more active without Pokémon Go! Let us know your experiences and any stories you may have about Pokémon Go, in the comments section!

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