Future of Snapchat in India

Snapchat has already been a huge hit in India crossing 8 billion people having video views per day. This Los Angeles based company is valued more than $15 billion of funding around the world. The social media companies rise and fall very fast. Their life is very short in this arena.
Snapchat which is especially popular among the teenagers, and the fact that the chat disappears in a short span is giving a boost and powering it up among its competitors. If you want to understand snapchat, it is an insanely fast growing product in the Indian market. The most basic reason behind this is the vast and diverse population. According to statistical reports, 10% of snapchat users are Indians, which is quite a big number. Snapchat too recognises the importance of its customers and thus introduced Geo-tags for all major cities, like for Indian festivals and destinations. Do not be surprised if the Indian business group start marketing operations for this app in the near future.
Personally speaking, more than 50% of my friends use snapchat and post stories regularly. There is another group which feels that this app doesn’t offer anything new or there is no point in self-destructing messages. I belong to the former group. Last month snap made a new “reply” feature so that people could view the older messages for 99 cents. This is a profitable move by the company. They also profit through the likes of advertising in the middle.
So, is snapchat a lasting sensation or a shooting star?

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