Effortless ways to find topics for your blogs

Are you struggling to find themes for your blog? Is it becoming harder to keep the audience engaged with your articles? This blog is going to help you start being creative about content writing and look into the ways in which you can make your articles more interesting.
1. Communicate with the readers directly
If the readers have doubt, clear them immediately by email or by answering the FAQ. This will give a fair idea on what they want and how to proceed with the upcoming blogs. A tentative idea will help you think about further topics more innovatively. Some questions which will arise in your mind will be:
• What are halts and blocks you are facing with the current topic.
• Is your topic going to help them learn something new?
• Does your team do enough research about the given topic?

2. Do a survey
Survey helps you know how much you are into the current affairs of the society. Open ended questions to the public will give their opinions and you can develop over that. These are perfect for research as you can later modify the post titles.

3. Pursue what people say in social media
Social media now-a-days are an effective way to voice opinions and share their views. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are popular sites where people post and are active. Thus if you listen to the ideas they give blog titles may improve. Know what the people want and satisfy their needs.


4. Make things relevant to the present
Your blog topics should be relevant to time. Relevancy is nothing but your audience focuses. This is more about popularity. What problems are they facing? How do they overcome those unique challenges? Research all these areas and your new blog will arise.
Have clear objectives and what is the target. Set parameters and achieve those goals. Every blog should have an objective- a goal beyond just attracting people and rather helping out society. Identify them and strive towards those ultimate objectives.
Find solutions to the problems. If you can easily solve issues of real life, then you are on the right track.

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