We live in a country where the most famous or rather the most fun person in our college and school groups was the one who could rant out movie dialogues as if they were part of his/ her daily vocabulary or at least the one who was the ‘King of impressions’. For those of us who miss these wistful moments from school or college, FEAR NOT! Coz the most happening app across the globe presently fits your need perfectly – DUBSMASH!

As the name suggest, Dubsmash allows users to record a short video selfie with an overlay of a dub – usually from a pop-culture sound bite. Available both on Android and iOS platforms, Dubsmash is the brainchild of three Berlin-based founders, who were smart enough to create a viral app but definitely not smart enough to make some money off it.

According to Angelist the app which is free on both platforms, initially made no money even though it spread like wildfire across the globe! This probably can stand as a prime example of what not to do when putting out original work on the cyber world, especially if it is a creation with huge monetary potential.

Dubsmash initially started off with sound bites from Reality TV, Action hero dialogues, Cartoons, Youtube stars etc. But has now transcended into international and regional based categories; readily available within the first few weeks of the app’s release. In fact the app is predominately famous in India because of its huge array of dialogues from various Bollywood and regional movies.

We always talk about innovation on our blog and although the idea of the creators is novel, it is not something that can’t be easily ripped off by its other competitors (Snapchat, Score! With friends etc.) While it does score high in terms of design and user interface, these are still early days for Dubsmash; it is up to its developers to continue working on the app and to ensure it stays one of a kind.

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