Life is like a book, and each day is like a page that acquaints us to innumerable information, but does everything impacts us equally? Not necessarily! Some things just don’t seem to let go of us, it builds a nest in our mind like some movie dialogue that no matter what, we don’t forget.

Words, as we all know, hold the ultimate power. They can either make you feel nostalgic or can make you feel guilty. As Rudyard Kipling said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

So, these words when combined as a sentence make the perfect content and hold the potential to move millions. They can do wonders if served with a pinch of creativity and stocked with facts and evidence. If perfect words are perfectly arrayed in a graceful sequence of panache and creativity it almost becomes a weapon that may conquer the world and maybe because of this they say that “The pen is mightier than the sword “.


Content Marketing, which is the act of sharing valuable information, requires more than marketing strategies or paid campaigns. The way many Digital Marketers see 2018, is the year which will be ruled by Video Marketing. Of course, video marketing is trending because users now a day have less time to read the whole stuff. But even these videos require crisp contents which could engage their customers not just to entertain but to inform as well.

The beauty of content marketing lies in the fact of carving a well-furnished storyline that could make sense for a well-trained/read eye. You can write a 2000-word article easily but what’s the use if internet-vagabonds invest a mere fraction of minutes to your article.

The Internet is upgrading with passing days and consequently, contents are evolving too. But the power of content remains constant irrespective of time. Time is scarcely available these days; household chores, office work, personal life – if at all, time is available after all these duties, will people be interested to read that 2000-word article during the handful of a moment they get to enjoy tranquillity?

If you can play with words like a magician plays with our mind, you will be able to entice your audience to read the entire story. It is not necessary that you should always follow a word count guideline while working on a blog article. Bloggers and content writers always wonder about the ideal word count for a blog.

Least I can say, worry about creativity for your content and not the word count.

As a marketer myself, I understand that we can’t always rely on mass media advertising campaigns/paid campaigns for brand awareness or to coax the smart minds out there in the world. People are well read. They have access to a vast majority of online portals at the push of a thumb. This is why; being creative is the need of the hour.


After creativity, adapting according to your consumer’s need comes at the second spot in the priority level. An article, no matter what niche, should be focused on providing a solution to a customer’s query and need. A customer has always these three questions in his/her mind:

  • Why buy ANYTHING?
  • Why buy NOW?
  • Why buy from YOU?

If you are able to help them with their needs, you will be able to acquire organic reach in no time. And like I said, you will not need mass media advertising campaigns/paid campaigns anymore.

Note: Sometimes it’s good to publish infotainment articles.


The last thing you as a Digital Marketer should focus on is choosing the right channel. You have to be at the Right Place at the Right Time for the Right Person.

If you seek the perfect time for sharing your blogs, articles or even social media creative, then think yourself as a reader and ask this question to yourself –

  • When do you get time to read a blog or an article by the web pages you follow?
  • How much time do you get to read that article?
  • How much you read and what you want to read?

To conclude, I can only say that there is a bundle of strategies and guidelines to follow when you’re competing with big brands on the digital channels. Earn your way into the hearts of your readers. A little bit of research and a long-instilled hobby of reading – that’s all you need to be the wizard of content marketing.

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