Building a brand personality

It is a necessity to create one’s own brand personality so that they are shown to be unique in the market. If there is a new brand identity it will help form a set of values and propositions for the client and if it doesn’t happen in the start of the project the client will have no benchmark set as to where he can judge and gauge himself. This helps you build your career. There are certain rules which help you through this phase.

  • Work with a summary

Make sure that your concepts are innovative creative and conscious about the client’s expectations. If you have a clear strategy on what to work on then it gives both the parties an advantage and rationalise decisions.

It is your voice which forms the brand. The words which you use, the copyright terms, everything comes into the equation. Make sure that you keep up to the offer you made and deliver the promise.

  • Do your research in a systematic manner

Understand what your brand is about, the making of it and its history, how it came into existence. Know who your client is, what their expectations are, what the target is for every time period.  All this helps your brand go high and have positive reviews.

  • Do not rely on the logo for positive reviews.

Logos might not help your brand become popular, not all logos are recognisable instantaneously by the client. So when you create a brand identity, do not focus on separate elements but focus on things as a whole. Make sure that your core values are preserved.

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