6 video metrics you should care about…

It’s become very clear in recent years that Video content marketing has reached it’s paramount but did we know it would be crucial?

Looking at surveys,

YouTube analysis tells that there are over one BILLION users, and one BILLION hours of videos are watched on the platform every single day. Facebook’s study suggests that views are a good indicator of how well your video’s hook performed. But views also have drawbacks, like not being able to tell you who your audience is or whether your video resonates with your audience.

In the end, you need to know if people are watching and, if they are, you need to check if they are contributing to your bottom line. Read on to learn more.

1. View count is the number of times your video has been “watched” by an individual. This tricky metric can be great if you have a viral video that you want the world to see without an end goal, but if you are a company trying to reach a targeted audience, not so much.

2. Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed. It is used on Facebook and most paid platforms.

If your video doesn’t have many impressions, it’s a sign that something is likely off about how you’re trying to reach your audience. If you have a ton of impressions, but very few views, that may mean your content hasn’t reached your goal audience.

3.Video Engagement Metrics

We know that engagement is a transformation of viewers from passive to active. It shows that your content struck enough of a chord to obtain an action/ reaction. They’re interacting with your content and brand, not just disregard it. If this is your aim, these are the metrics you should pay attention to:

i. Likes (& Positive Reactions)
ii. Dislikes (& Negative Reactions)
iii. Comments

4. Watch Time is a vanity metric that gives you the time spent watching your video. If you want to see if your video is actually reaching your audience, then a great place to start is to watch time.

YouTube calls this metric, “estimated total minutes spent viewing your content,” while Facebook refers to it as “Minutes Watched,” and some others say “duration watched.” Now, this is where you want to spend a little more time analyzing.

If your video is 10 minutes long and viewers are only watching for 1 minute, it is likely that it isn’t speaking to the right personas. On the other hand, if people are watching all the way through; you may have just hit the mark!

5. Conversion Metrics or Click-through Rate (CTR) is one of the most important when it comes to the success of your work. It measures the number of viewers who were engaged enough to follow through to the designated next step. Always include a type of call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your videos which when clicked directs the viewers to the desired page.

In Watch Time metrics, you can know how long the viewer has watched your videos. The best measure of your audience and that if your video content is effective all the way to the end, is if your CTA is clicked.

6.Buyer & Behavior Metrics

When you have an innumerable number of videos on- board on your social media and you are receiving likes, comments, and shares; your play rate and watch time are hitting the roof!
But is it as you predicted? Are they coming from your targeted locations? OR were you all wrong?

The metrics below, though qualitative, offer valuable insight into your strategy and how to improve it.

i. Traffic Sources will give you insight into those who are benefiting from your content and how they consume media.

This one may seem like low hanging fruit, but traffic sources within the platform can be a game changer. If you are getting standard traffic from YouTube, maybe there would be a need to optimize your visibility. If you get more resistance on videos that are in a playlist, then create several more and see if you can recreate the success. Use this to your advantage when you plot for your next campaign.

ii. Viewer Demographics is a look at who your viewers are. Analyzing who is watching your videos is no different than who is visiting your website. Look in for the answers for the below:
• Are they coming from the sources you thought they would?
• Are you hitting the right age group, industry, or interests?
• Are you reaching them on the right platform?

If you aren’t affirmative, then crack how to direct your videos to those who are should be your immediate business. Creating great video content isn’t about being the next YouTube star! As a marketer for a business, you need to ensure the goals you set are being reached. Just deliver great content to your targeted audience, make them occupied and pursue them till sales, and you’re remarkable! We could help you make some great marketing videos too!

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