As humans, there is nothing more we love than being entertained! It’s true that the funniest, most innovative ads are the ones we tend to remember years after they’ve been pulled of air. But can humour really increase sales? Or is it just something that elevates the image of your brand? Well, let’s take a look!

With target marketing being today’s ultimate approach, it is important to understand what is, and what isn’t funny to members of your select group. The biggest mistake a promotional campaign can do is to offend their target audience through some derogatory humour.

This understanding doesn’t just stop at the fine line between acceptable humour and something a bit more risqué. Rather it is about understanding current trends, pop culture’s biggest newsmakers popular slang terms etc. Then again be sure not to overdo it. How many brands have fallen prey to the ‘selfie’ movement? Our point exactly!

The question of the hour is: Does my brand need humour to sell? Statistics show that products like food, clothing, toys and inexpensive products are the ones to benefit the most from using humour in their promotional material. Why? Because the market they want to reach is one filled with youngsters and families. On the other hand a luxury car brand or an exclusive lingerie brand isn’t going to benefit much from a comical campaign. A typical example of this scenario would be the ‘Five star – Ramesh/ Suresh’ ads. We all secretly love those ads, but at the same time a similar concept used for a luxury brand like ‘Victoria Secrets’ would just leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth!.We’re all capable of coming up with ground breaking ideas, but the truth is not all of us can write comedy. Hence one way to ensure a funny promo works is to make sure it works for both the consumer and the brand equally.

In conclusion, what we’ve found is that humour doesn’t really increase sales; what it does is elevate your brands presence. It might not double your annual profits, but it will definitely get people, even beyond your target circle buzzing about your brand novelty!

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