5 reasons why you should rethink to advance your SEO.

The finest SEO practice never stays constant. It changes over time, as Google and the other search engines modify their ranking methods and algorithms. Whether you consider yourself as a pro marketing professional or a fresher, you’ll be able to stay on top of your game by knowing what will work and what is obsolete. Listed below are 5 reasons on why should you be rethinking to advance your SEO practices.

1.Myth about Keywords

The thought that keyword density is the key part of your content marketing is so outdated that it links back to a time when Google made use of strings of metadata for rankings. Keyword filling not only makes your content appear as a junk but also can trigger the Panda algorithm in the most conspicuous cases and seize a ranking hit. Despite worrying about keywords, stay centered on being contextually pertinent and authentic.

2.Title Tag

Stuffing keywords in your titles is no longer a way for success and sometimes can even be counterproductive. So stop worrying about placing the keyword in the title and give a thought on coming up with a snippet that describes the page and urges the users to click on it.

3.Paid Link Building

Link building is very important for SEO triumph. After the release of the Penguin algorithm, spending time in link building is a trash. Change your focus to getting high quality, theme related links.

4.Pointless Press Releases

When you decide to give a press release, create for a genuinely newsworthy event. If you your anticipated press release hold no SEO value, then you it is the best not to take it.

5.Reliance on Automation

Auto-generated content is the most common leftovers of a long-gone SEO era. When you automatically generate, web copy, or spin content, don’t be awestruck when you’re being hit by the reality of spam penalty. Natural language generation programs (NLG) are now been used successfully at the enterprise level to create content at a larger scale. For a relatively smaller business, original manual content is being written.

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